Photographs That
Haven't Been Taken
Peninsula at Peace - The Arabian Peninsula and Mediterranean viewed from space



3D Modeling & Animation



Entry to Rotunda Church Architectural Design

Entry - 18.1 MB
Fountain Loop - 210 KB
Crown and Flags Loop - 343 KB
Gallery of Nations Tour - 36.5 MB
VR low rez spherical - 1.3 MB

USGIF United States Geospatial Intelligence Agency Awards

Stills and Animation

Chandelier The Blown Glass/Carbon Fiber
Solar Sytem Chandelier
USSF Design USSF Production The Space Foundation
Lifetime Space Achievement Award

Design Animation
- 176 MB w/sound

< Images lead to larger representations


Monorail Loop
Flyover - 16 MB
 Virtual Reality
Optics Test Optical Properties Test - 3 MB

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