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The NewSpace Orbiting Inflatable Hotel

Suite - Cinema Cozy

The Cinema Cozy

The carbon fiber matrix rods referred to on the Sleeping Cozy page, as part of the method of getting around, are actually a location where the Sleeping Cozy may be alternately mounted or a second Cozy can be placed here. In this configuration, the Cozy is in "Movie Mode"; rotated 90° to align with the screen's widest dimension and placing guests in the best seats in the house—directly across from the center of the video display. Guests may elect to have their Cozy mounted here, so that they fall asleep and awake looking at Earth gliding past below them.

Around the room may be seen sconces that are the Planets and the Sun is mounted on the navigation wire that leads up to the storage unit from above the primary Sleeping Cozy location.

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