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The NewSpace Orbiting Inflatable Hotel

Hydroponics Lab

The Hydroponics Lab

The Hydroponics Lab supplies an essential link in the existence of the station by completing the cycle of the on-board environment. 172 feet in diameter, 114 feet in width, it is slaved off the De-Spun Platform that tracks the Sun and rotates in relation to that parent platform once every 24 hours; providing a diurnal cycle for the vegetation growing within the bubble. It provides food to eat, oxygen to breathe, helps to scrub the air and converts waste materials that would otherwise be disposed of.

Self sufficiency is a Good Thing; especially when it costs as much as it does to lift supplies from the surface. If you can grow at least some of your food, you are more than a few steps ahead. That it has these very valuable ancillary assets is a decided plus. Just one of them is that this is 2.368 million cubic feet of renewable fresh air. It is also a nice place to visit.

To the right, on the opposite side of the De-Spun Platform in the -Z direction, are: The SportsRing, The RollerRing & The QuidditchRing. The Hydroponics Lab was an unexpected outgrowth of the development of these three modules.

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