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United States Geospatial Intelligence Achievement Awards

Academic Achievement Award
Intelligence Achievement Award
6" - 7" Tall • Blown Glass
Our approach with this design emphasizes dynamic upward movement. It is a simple, elegant, striking form that, once viewed, stays in the mind. It is gently curved, as is the Universe, surrounding and holding Earth. The USGIF medallion is etched into the sculpture's surface in the very front at the root, symbolizing the source of this movement—allowing the energy flow around, above and beyond Earth to progress unimpeded.
Each is a unique hand-made work of art. As such, shapes will vary slightly while adhering to the general overall design. With the exception of Earth, colors may vary significantly, perhaps on purpose, to signify the various awards, or they may be totally serendipitous, thereby making each and every one gloriously unique. In any case, they are inspiring.

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Birds Eye
Lifetime Achievement Award

The finished art glass sculptures may be viewed on

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