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The NewSpace Orbiting Inflatable Hotel

Final Approach

Final Approach
Who gets the best room?

Everyone. To increase the gravity gradient attitude stability (as the spacecraft moves through changing gravity waves from the planet it will swing a bit like a pendulum) the spacecraft Cores each very slowly counter-rotate (.25-.5 RPM, which is way less than 3 RPM that is sure to cause motion sickness) in relation to each other about the longitudinal axis. This more evenly distributes solar heating on the fabric, making the job of the air conditioners easier. It also evenly distributes deterioration of and damage to the fabric from micrometeorites and orbital debris because the same surface isn't always facing forward.

A side benefit of this is that your room has an ever-changing view of the planet. Sometimes you are traveling sideways and your room faces the northern hemisphere, then you face forward toward the direction of delta V, then sideways again looking to the south, then backing up looking off to where you've just been. The Sun will be playing all over the room if the liquid crystal windows are activated.

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