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The QuidditchRing

As an homage to the genius of J.K Rowling, one of the sports arenas is named The QuidditchRing. It's the only place where Muggles can really fly. The QuidditchRing and the RollerRing developed symbiotically as outgrowths of each other. A need for low impact sports that have action was the kernel that began this development cycle. This ring rotates at a rate that is sufficient to provide traction to get started; just a bit faster than the RollerRing, as its diameter is less and the direction of player travel is more apt to change from straight forward.

The game is a combination of Jai-Alai, Quidditch and Roller Derby. Each team's goal ring is at their ingress/egress point. This arena has no real provision for protecting spectators, so games are televised throughout the station and to the ground.

This ring is half again as wide as the RollerRing and has no divisions. Its floor is fitted with liquid crystal opacity control, so that it can become transparent; giving the feeling that you are skating on nothing as players speed around the court in a giant loop. The phrase: "the Sun was in my eyes" takes on an entirely new meaning.

The "ceiling" is a cylindrical megatron that displays scores, player data, replays and images related to the sport; either from the other side of the court, as in the SportsRing, or additional color commentary.

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