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The NewSpace Orbiting Inflatable Hotel


The RollerRing
The RollerRing Lane three is for expert skaters only. There is no crossover from lanes One and Two. There is a separate Transfer System entrance on this side, diametrically opposed to the one visible here extending down the right-hand wall.

It is also not for those who are prone to vertigo and/or just recovering from space sickness. Its floor is fitted with liquid crystal opacity control, so that it can become transparent; giving the feeling that you are skating on nothing as you speed around in a giant loop. In addition to the walls being a literal Window on the World, the floor is a Window on the Universe upon which you glide. Sure beats bouncing up and down in place tied to a treadmill with bungee cords; an activity that realy doesn't supply much "gravity"—momentary, at best.

Situated over the rail centerlines are two red and white striped emergency cords, one at each ingress/egress point. These are there to grab onto if you crash and burn and your velocity drops to zero. If it does, there goes your gravity&#!51;and with it, your ability to navigate. You could float up there until someone lassoes your ankle. Instead, wait half a rotation, grab a cord as it comes past and climb to the port in the hub, through which you entered via the continuously moving travel system adjacent to the wall.

It's a really high tech squirrel cage for really high tech squirrels.

As a point of interest, this model is built to real-world scale and is inclusive. You can float anywhere in it and it is animated. 3,075,783 Polygons, 2,136,687 Verticies. If you look closely at the sports module exterior view transparent sections in a high rez render, you can see the skaters that are shown here in the individual module interiors skating on the inside wall.

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