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EarthView Restarurant

The EarthView Observation Restarurant

The EarthView Restaurant at the top of the Asteroid Belt Tower is an experience unique to the dining industry. Ever-changing scenes of our home planet glide past beneath your feet, as you enjoy a meal or drinks on your orbital vacation. In the course of an "evening's night out" you'll travel thousands of miles without ever leaving your table.

One of the eight Observation Lounges can be seen on the top of the Mars Tower, just past the -Z Observation Loop and two more on the Mercury and Venus Towers beyond.

Ten radiators are also easily seen in this view, attached to the anti-solar side of the rotating Solar Array Trusses and the stationary Solar Array Pylon Trusses.

Here, the vernier thrusters, navigation lights and Meteoroid Protection Balute can be seen in greater detail. They, and the Earth below, are mirrored in the EarthView window.

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