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The NewSpace Orbiting Inflatable Hotel

Solar Arrays

The Solar Arrays

Power is supplied two ways: Tethered Satellite and Solar Arrays. Always good to have a back up.

Two types of arrays are employed. The rectilinear arrays are ISS-derived designs but a bit larger and more of them. The eight circular arrays on the central de-spun section and four more on two separate de-spun hubs, one at the top of each core, are large, high-efficiency UltraFlex; which deploy like an unfolding fan.

The main arrays are attached on the central de-spun hub, so that the heliostats can more easily keep the panels orientated for maximum efficiency. This also ensures that guests having rooms closer to the center won't have their view up or down constantly blocked by the huge panels; not that they aren't cool in their own right. They'll slowly move out of the way; both from the rotation of the towers and the movement of the station along its orbit. The Y-axis bearings on each de-spun hub allow full 360° rotation of the array assemblies to follow the Sun's relative position as the station circles the Earth.

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