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The NewSpace Orbiting Inflatable Hotel

Suite - Sleeping Cozy

The Sleeping Cozy

The Sleeping Cozy is the size of a California King. It is a down-filled luxurious sleeping bag that you snap yourself into, so you don't float around the room. It hangs free of the wall, mounted on four pylons at the corners in a square configuration, so that it may be removed and mounted at any 90° increment, depending upon personal preference. Some may feel more comfortable orientating their body to what they feel is their "up". Want to have your feet toward Earth? No problem.

Carbon fiber wings extend from behind on both sides of the Cozy. They are fitted with velcro swatches to hold the phones, remotes, books, drinks, flashlights, pens & other items in place. Reading lamps arc from the back of the wings.

The oval port to the left of the Cozy is the entry/exit. The one to the right leads to the bath in a crescent section behind the wall. Environment control and communications touch screen panels are mounted on the wall just above each port.

Guests are provided hand-held compressed air jets that can be worn on the wrist or tethered to clothing, so that they don't get stranded in mid-air. Wires that lead in both directions from the bath port around the -Z screen perimeter, one that is centered above the Cozy and the carbon fiber rod matrix seen to the left in front of the +Z screen are the primary method of getting quickly to all areas of the suite.

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