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The NewSpace Orbiting Inflatable Hotel


The SportsRing

The SportsRing is something of the opposite of the QuidditchRing. Spectators enter via the transport Systems, make their way around the circumference and simply lie on the "wall" facing the center hub; held there by the module rotation. The game action takes place within the toroid volume in front of them; behind a cylindrical membrane or net.

The cylindrical megatron display on the hub surface serves another purpose here. Where it displays environmental images on the "ceiling" in the RollerRing and QuidditchRing; here it displays the action going on in the opposite side of the torus. Even though I tried to get the bearing to be as small as possible, the hub is pretty big (this 10mm wide angle shot belies how much of the volume is blocked by the hub), so I developed the megatron feedback system as a way to see the entire field while staying in one place. The screen is driven by a network of cameras on the screen surface diametrically opposed to their ouptput point. The effect is a bit difficult to describe but when a player reaches the tangent of the screen, they either appear in the screen or in the flesh, depending upon their direction of movement, but on the opposite side.

The hidden difficulty in this commission is that which was identified early-on: venue designs are the result of the game. It's a symbiotic relationship. In order to be the architect of the structure for a game that does not exist, one must first create the game to be played within it. This was the consuming aspect of the commission; a chicken or egg problem. In performing this task, however, it gave rise to a possible benefit that could have far reaching effects.

Now that the other two activities/venues have been tackled and given form, the natural extension of them was to put forth the same situation in the form of the SportsRing; an embryo in which to develop games that have been heretofore impossible. Here's a blank sheet of paper. Draw something. I propose that as part of the series of building this hotel station, we conduct a competition where readers design games to be played within such an environment and we then modify this embryo design into something specific to the game that they have invented. Doesn't have to be limited to only one winning design. I can just swap out the modules.

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