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The NewSpace Orbiting Inflatable Hotel

Suite Towers

The Suite Towers

A stepped diameter Core Tube runs the length of each half-section, carrying utilities, and the guests themselves, to the suites. Guests and staff travel the length of the Core on a continuously running Transfer System. It is a belt populated with hand and foot holds and Velcro patches along its length. Grab a handhold on the belt as one comes by, insert a foot into the toehold or stick your comfy hotel-supplied Velcro-sided slippers onto the pad and glide smoothly to your destination.

Keeping Stuff From Floating All Over the Place Without Making People Ill

The employment of gravity gradient by designing a long spacecraft carries with it a side benefit; that of creating a local microgravity field without rotation. It is best to think of the rings of Saturn when considering this dynamic principle. Ring particles that are closer to the planet have an orbit velocity that is higher than those that are farther out. If they didn't, they'd fall back to the surface. The whole system is fluid in its motion; everything travels at differing speeds; faster below you, slower above you. A large, long solid body that is in gravity gradient stability will create microgravity just because of its length and this orbital mechanics principle. The spacecraft's orbit velocity will be determined at the altitude of the center of mass. Portions of the spacecraft, and objects within, that are closer to the planet are orbiting slower than they should be at their altitude and tend to fall inward; trying to deorbit themselves. Portions and objects that are higher and farther away from the planet are orbiting faster than they should be at that altitude and tend to increase their orbit diameter, trying to fly away. The field generated isn't a lot unless you get a really long spacecraft. But, stuff will tend to stay on surfaces where they are placed and waste collection is a tad easier to deal with when things want to go in a certain predictable direction.

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