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The RollerRing

The RollerRing is a combined method of obtaining low impact aerobic cardio-vascular excercise and, at the same time, generate your own local gravity field to combat calcium loss and muscle atrophy that result from long exposure to micro-gravity. The faster you go, the more your body will be pressed to the "floor". This ring is 160 feet in diameter and rotates at a rate that is sufficient to provide traction to get started. If you're not sticking to the floor even a little bit, you're going somewhere—just not where you planned.

The RollerRing is 30 feet wide, divided into three lanes to allow for faster and slower skaters to enjoy a compatible flow of traffic. There are two crossover points between lanes One and Two to allow for more experienced skaters to move into the "fast lane". Approximately 25° in each direction from the ingress/egress point are sections where the lighted blue rail turns green. Here, the rail drops to the floor so that one may step across into the adjacent lane. There is no crossover into Lane Three. It is for expert skaters only.

The "ceiling" is a cylindrical megatron display. Environmental images, such as the sky seen here, help to return a sense of "up" once in a while. Though it may look at times that you are traveling uphill or downhill, depending upon your perception and mindset, you are continually skating on level ground. Just the same, it can also be said that in this place, the road truly does rise up to meet you.

It's a really high tech squirrel cage for really high tech squirrels.
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