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The NewSpace Orbiting Inflatable Hotel

+Z StarSide

The View Toward the Stars

The Suites are lit in red while on the StarSide in order to preserve night vision. Central Hub radiators protrude from the anti-solar side of the De-Spun Platform and the Solar Array Trusses. The Airlock can be seen on the De-spun Platform -Y cylindrical surface, just above the upper set of three radiators.

Far up the Gaseous (+Z) Tower Core can be seen one of the two Observation Loop Platforms; the other residing on the Rocky (-Z) Tower Core. They offer unobstructed views of the starry sky or the planet. Nothing above, nothing below; except the thin tether that disappears into the distance, thereby increasing the sensation of incredible height. A few really high-end suites are also at these locations. They'll enjoy the highest level of microgravity, the least noise level from spacecraft systems and the best views.

The sports arenas, hydroponics, docking ports and the mechanical section that houses the systems that run all of this is at the center of mass. It's the most dense; holding water tanks, batteries, motors, pumps, waste water treatment, air scrubbers and conditioning, refrigerators and freezers, kitchen, supplies storage, steering propellant vessels, spare parts, repair facilities, tools and the like. The entire center section between the large cylinders is de-spun, allowing for easier docking and maintenance operations. The re-boost thrusters are attached here, as well as verniers for back up attitude control. Another set of verniers are attached to the ends of each Core, where they will provide greater impulse to rotate the spacecraft in the event of emergency such as passing through a comet trail that will cause a meteor shower seen from the surface as Earth passes through it; with us along for the ride. Turn the tube on end to minimize the frontal area, deploy a protective balute to hide behind and wait for the banging to stop.

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