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<The NewSpace Orbiting Inflatable Hotel

Guest Suite - Entrance Tunnel

The Suites

While there is no "up" in space, some of these conventional terms will creep in, as we describe this environment using relative position terms local to each of these these images. In some, that which may appear to be the "floor" has now now the "wall" or "ceiling" in the next. It's literally a matter of perspective. The concept of a "floor" is essentially irrelevant. One may view the same image as both looking "up" or "down", merely by altering your perception of it. Here goes....

Entering through the Core Tube connector, you float through one of two oval ports into a playroom of Galactic proportions. Your room is a large rounded-corner cylinder with flat ends. The cylinder wall is populated with various items; many of which are convertible to the guest's liking. The ends are large display screens similar to those seen at the center of the sports arenas. These normally bring the station's exterior environment inside via closed-circuit video. Due to the station's gravity gradient orientation, unless the station has been rotated to protect it from orbital debris, looking straight out the large curved window you can never see Earth. It is always at right angles to the window plane. You can view it directly but you have to get up next to the window. Even then, other than going to the Observation Loops or the EarthView Restaurant, you cannot look straight up or down. This system brings the EarthView and StarSuite views into each room. The -Z screen carries the view from cameras on the near-Earth end of the station. The +Z screen carries the view looking radially out from Earth's center, as the station travels around the planet. You are in space and are immersed it its changing vista. If you are more comfortable with having Earth on the opposite end, just switch them. Want to see only stars? You can do that.

The screens also carry programming from the sports arenas, views of the shuttles arriving, docking and departing, satellite channels, on-demand movies, views of celestial objects targetted by guests remotely observing through the Kuiper Belt Tower Telescope and video calls to the surface; either picture-in-picture or whole screen.

Center-right in the image the Sky Chairs may be seen. One is extended into viewing position beneath the window. The second is in parked position over by the wall.

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